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house washing crystal lake, pressure washing crystal lakeWashing one’s house is not the most entertaining of activities.  In fact, it is one of the most dreaded chores that any homeowner has to deal with. It involves reaching into awkward places, using sketchy chemicals, and taking up valuable time that in all honesty could be used for more relevant or at least enjoyable activities. And then you have an epiphany – you can pressure wash the house by yourself!

You think that pressure washing your own home would be a simple solution to your cleaning problem. It involves plenty of water and minimal effort on your part. Plus, with pressure washing, you can get your house clean in half of the time it would take for you to clean it by hand, even with the aid of others.  

However, this is not the case. As it is defined, utopia means an imaginary place where peace, prosperity, and perfection reign, and thus, can never be obtained. The same can be said of pressure washing your own house. You may think it is the perfect solution, but it is not. In fact, pressure washing on your own can prove to be hazardous to your home. Here are four reasons never to pressure wash your own home, and why you should call in a professional house cleaning team like Clear Choice Services in Crystal Lake.

  • Considerable Home Damage:  Pressure washers emit an incredible amount of pressure. 
  • Untraceable Mortar:  Just like the third little pig who built a house out of bricks, many homeowners use bricks nowadays thinking that it will be sufficient enough to handle anything, even pressure washing.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a time where bricks were made with time and care like our ancient ancestors. Modern day bricks are far more brittle today than ever before and are easily blasted away by water from pressure hoses.
  • Damaged Wood:  The best way to clear paint from the walls in may people’s eyes would be pressure washing.  Yes, this technique does remove the paint, however, to be effective, one must stand close to the target and fire, thus risking the potential of blasting through the walls and woods themselves.  Unless you plan on carving the names of your lover and yourself into the wood, it is recommended that you avoid this type of cleaning process.
  • Lead Paint:  This substance is always  lurking within your home, and can cause serious issues if removed the wrong way.  However, removing this type of paint with a pressure washer is a very hazardous situation.  If you pressure wash your painted walls, you run the risk of freeing small or even large chunks of paint and sending them slaying in various directions.  And if these chunks of paint find themselves imbedded into the soil, you run the risk of your pet(s) or kids ingesting them and becoming seriously ill.

So if pressure washing has so many risks, what is one to do?  After all, the outside of your house needs to be cleaned. The solution is to have your home softwashed instead, and Clear Choice Services would be the team to call!  For all your house washing needs, they have you covered in the Crystal Lake areas. Their professional team uses safe and environmentally friendly techniques. Thanks to their formulas, algae growth is lessened and they use safe, low leveled pressure washing cleaning systems. Call them today for all of your pressure washing needs! (815)-770-5727