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You know what they say about homes and businesses, its all “location, location, location.” Everyone wants a beautiful view from the living room window. Natural light is also very desirable, and large windows help provide that. Windows can make or break not only the exterior appearance of your Huntley establishment, but also the views and lighting inside it. Because they are always exposed to the outside elements, windows can get pretty dirty. The best way to keep windows clean is to hire the professionals like the team at Clearchoice Services.

Sit back, relax, and let the professionals clean your windows

Professional window cleaning takes the hassle out of attempting to clean your windows. High windows can be hard to reach and using ladders, hanging out of windows, or working off of high ledges can be extremely dangerous. Without the proper equipment, the process can end up taking a whole lot of time. Professional window cleaners have the right equipment, tools, and training necessary to adequately and safely clean windows at any height.

Cleaning glass can be tricky because it streaks really easily. Glass is porous, and debris can gather in those pores making windows look cloudy and dull. Hard water deposits from rainwater and sprinklers can cause stains that are difficult to remove. Not only will these things make your windows look bad, but they can also cause irreparable damage to the glass. Having your windows professionally cleaned avoids scratches to the glass and removes mineral deposits and debris from the pores, improving the windows integrity. Avoid damaging windows and leaving streaks by letting trained professionals clean them.

Thorough cleaning job improves health and decreases energy bill

The inside of windows can also get dirty. Windowsills harbor dirt, dust, and even mold that can be hard to remove. The window screens also need to be cleaned to ensure adequate protection and airflow. Professional window cleaners know how to clean out window tracks thoroughly, and can get screens and sills cleaned to remove and prevent mold. Windows provide defense from outside elements, and keeping them clean inside and out can help prevent harmful allergens, dirt, and dust from reducing the air quality in our establishment.

When cleaned properly, windows work more efficiently and can help allow the sunlight to have a more warming effect in our establishments. Build up around window frames and seals can cause air leaks, fogging, and condensation that can have negative effects on your energy bill. Keeping cool air inside during the summer months is made easier if windows are properly cleaned and sealed. To make your home or business establishment more energy efficient, it is important to keep your windows clean both inside and out.

Clearchoice Services is here to help

Because windows add so much value to our establishments, not just aesthetically but also with energy efficiency, it is worth investing in their longevity. Having your windows cleaned regularly and properly protects the glass from debris scratches, permanent water spots, and corrosion. Clean windows let in more sunlight and warmth, and add natural light that is desirable in buildings. Replacing windows is expensive, and to extend the life of windows, professional cleaning should be considered every 6 to 12 months. Avoid causing further damage to your windows by scratching them with abrasive cleaners, or leaving streaks and residue behind trying to clean them yourself. Call the professionals at Clearchoice Services today for a free estimate for your window cleaning in Huntley. We will take great care to clean your windows with diligent attention to detail, leaving them looking great and in better condition.