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At the end of the day, do your employees, rub their eyes and stretch their backs? Do they slough out to the door? When they head for the parking lot do they hide from the light like zombies or vampires? 

The average American spends approximately 2,000 hours a year in their office so they need  a work environment designed for maximum productivity. Inadequate office lighting impacts the quality of work. Poor lighting directly affects work performance; it strains workers’ eyes, leading to further problems like headaches and eye illnesses. Sometimes the solution is as simple as having your windows professionally cleaned to help invite natural sunlight into your Huntley establishment.

Since the majority of us are most productive during the day, we at Clearchoice Services see the immense value of office lighting mirroring that of natural sunlight. If the office is shadowed by large buildings, located in basements, or just suffers a lack of windows, it is even more important to maximize the available light.

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Importance of Natural Light

Typical US workers spend more than 80% of the day indoors. Ensuring natural light is available for everyone during the day can make a difference in the quality of life. A survey by an HR advisory firm published in the Harvard Business Review shows access to natural light is the number one attribute workers want in their office environment. 

Better Health

Natural lighting in an office environment has scientifically-proven benefits. A study conducted by Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois concluded that workers exposed to natural light sleep longer and better than those who aren’t exposed to natural light.  

According to a university 2011 study, the quality of the view from a person’s desk and their exposure to natural light are interconnected with absenteeism. Those who had nice views of the outside and received more of sunlight took 6.5 percent less sick leave than others. And another study at Cornell showed workers exposed to natural light experienced an 84 percent drop in issues such as headaches, eyestrain, and blurred vision. 

Natural light boosts productivity  

More evidence shows that employees feel more engaged, more likely to stay focused and more likely to collaborate with other team members which translates to more productivity and success. Pacific Gas & Electric studied identical Walmart stores with the only significant difference being whether stores had skylights or not. The study concluded that sales in the skylighted stores were 40 percent higher than sales in stores with only fluorescent lighting.

General Insufficient Office Lightning

Blown fuses, blown light bulbs, flickering lights, and dimly lit areas are not only a safety hazard, but they negatively affect the workplace. So many lighting improvement opportunities are lost:

  • Install energy saving lighting in your office. This can save you money too 
  • Lighting color is important to consider when choosing lighting to help keep a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Make sure to replace flickering fluorescent lighting, as this can be a trigger for epileptic seizures.
  • Remove old and tattered window coverings, consider solar film to filter UV rays.
  • Keep your windows crystal clear to maximize all the natural light you can enjoy.

Commercial Window Cleaning In Huntley

For your workers and your clients to really enjoy your commercial property, keep clean windows that amplify the available natural light. Clearchoice Services offers flexible scheduling, interior and exterior window cleaning services, and a variety of cleaning packages.