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Dirty windows have your building looking gloomy? Is your view obstructed by build up on your windows? Windows are constantly exposed to the elements, so it is no surprise that they will require cleaning to keep them looking clear. If your windows in your Huntley establishment need cleaning, you should really consider calling a commercial window cleaning company. We at Clearchoice Services would like to offer the top 4 reasons why commercial cleaning will provide the best results for your windows:

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  1. Save Time and Energy

There is no way around it; window cleaning is a tough chore. It is time consuming, rigorous, and even dangerous. You have to climb ladders with a squeegee and bucket, hang out of windows and reach at odd angles. Then, after all that hard labor, odds are your windows will have streaks left from cleaning. Trying to get rid of window streaks can be a near impossible task. By calling a commercial window cleaning service, you can save yourself from the hazard of window cleaning, and guarantee your windows will be left looking sparkling clean (no streaks at all!).  Don’t waste your time or energy on a sub-par DIY cleaning job; let the professionals do the hard work for you.

  1. Protect Your Windows

Dirty windows cannot only obstruct the view, but can also cause irreparable damage if not cleaned properly. Glass is a porous material, so debris that collects in window’s pores will make the window look cloudy over time. If that debris isn’t cleaned regularly, it will settle deeper into the window and compromise the integrity of the glass. Without the proper cleaning equipment and techniques, the surface of the window is prone to scratches, chips, and cracks. The best way to protect your windows from potential irreparable damage is to have them cleaned by a commercial window cleaning service.

  1. Remove Hard Water Stains

Hard water deposits from rainwater or sprinklers can cause stains that are very difficult to remove. The mineral deposits from hard water can also cause damage to your windows, and lead to permanent water spots and corrosion. Removing unsightly hard water stains and spots is very difficult, and trying to remove them on you own increases the risk of scratching the glass.  Commercial window cleaning services can safely remove corrosive contaminants from hard water, and get rid of hard water stains. 

  1. Improve Efficiency and Reduce Energy Costs

Commercial window cleaning services have experienced workers with industry-leading training. Having a professional and experienced set of eyes cleaning your windows will help find problem areas before they become serious. Broken seals, loose screens, mold build up in sills, or damaged windows can all let potentially dangerous contaminants into your building, or let warm or cold air in or out. Regular window cleaning allows for regular window inspection to be sure that your windows are functioning correctly, keeping things out that are supposed to be out, and sealed against water and air that can come inside. Also, clean windows can help allow more sunlight and warmth into your building, which can help reduce energy costs in the colder months.  

It is important to have your windows professionally cleaned to protect the glass from debris scratches, permanent water spots, and corrosion. At Clearchoice Services, our trained professionals have the equipment and training to safely clean your windows both inside and out. With our know-how of window cleaning and diligent attention to detail, your windows will be taken care of the right way. Serving Huntley and surrounding areas, let Clearchoice Services get your windows looking gorgeous.