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commercial window cleaning huntley, commercial window washing huntleyGetting assigned the chore of washing windows every other Saturday was always a dreaded task, and nothing has changed years later. As appealing as washing the same piece of glass to remove those pesky streaks repeatedly sounds, why not just call a professional window cleaner, like Clearchoice Services in Huntley, to do it for you?

Not only does hiring professionals to do your windows save you loads of time, but it’s also much better for your windows. So many people are permanently damaging their windows by using the wrong products and cleaning methods. Here are a few myths and methods both to crush and ADD to your window cleaning process.

Myth #1 – “Elbow Grease” Doesn’t Get The Job Done

Contrary to what your mom told you, not everything can be fixed with a little bit of elbow grease. In fact, when it comes to windows, the less grease the better. When using paper towels or newspapers, just wiping around actually spreads dirt and particles all over the window, causing more streaks than you’re getting rid of.

Myth #2 – “Cleaners Hurt Germs, Not Kids”

Most households are committed to spraying cleaners when they wash their windows. However, many cleaners are unsafe for pets or small children when the residue is left on windows. One hundred percent of biodegradable cleaners are safer for children and pets, along with the environment and wildlife animals.

Myth #3 – Cleaning Outside Is Better When It’s Sunny

No one likes being cold while they’re spring cleaning or doing yard work, which is why it’s not hard to believe that people wash their windows when it’s sunny outside. However, heat causes your cleaner to evaporate faster than you can actually clean the windows. It’s easier -and much quicker- to clean your windows when it’s a bit cloudier outside. It also lessens the number of streaks you’ll have to fight.

Method #1 – Vinegar vs. Your Usual Cleaner

Vinegar doesn’t just clean your drains and taste fabulous in a tomato and cucumber salad. One cup of this household liquid works wonders on windows when mixed with 1 cup of tap water and just a bit of dish soap (the fewer suds the better). Vinegar works to eliminate dirt, bird excretion, little kids’ handprints, and most importantly, those pesky streaks that refuse to leave.

Method #2 – Squeegee = Streak Free

The art of the squeegee is not an art that is easily mastered, but the results are far more favored. It’s important to use a squeegee that is sized appropriately for a window and a squeegee with a fresh blade to ensure full coverage. Experts have found that squeegeeing in a backward ‘S’ shaped pattern is best for a “no streak finish”.

Method #3 – Sometimes The Oddest Solutions Work The Best

Get creative with what you use to wash your windows and find what works best for you. Of course, still use caution, but there are a lot of good tips out there to keep your windows looking fresh. Mr. Clean works great on water stains; steel wool or NEW razor blades remove tree sap and adhesives really well, and damp chamois clean up leftover cleaner without leaving streaks.

Windows are an excellent way to keep your Huntley house looking its best, which is why it’s important to keep your windows looking THEIR best. Windows should be cleaned professionally every six to twelve months, and the skilled professionals at Clearchoice Services would be happy to help. Give them a call and say goodbye to those streaky windows.