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commercial window washing huntley, professional window washing huntelyA critical part of any business is its appearance. First impressions of your business for many of your customers will be determined by the cleanliness and overall appeal of your building. One of the simplest, yet most often overlooked aspects of this is your windows. Clean, spotless windows communicate a very appealing message about your business to potential customers. Yet, it can be a very time-consuming and menial task. Thus, you should consider hiring a certified window washing contractor to handle this job for you. If you live in the Huntley, Illinois area, a wise choice is Clearchoice Services. We can provide you with quality, on-time service to keep your business looking in top shape.

Based on the qualities of your building, the frequency with which you should wash your windows may vary. For example, the location, landscaping, weather, and structure of your home can all significantly affect how often your windows need to be cleaned.

There are four main types of businesses that often require constant window washing. Each of them varies in the frequency with which they should be cleaned.


Due to the moisture and grease that frequently circulates through the air in a restaurant, it is recommended that restaurant windows are cleaned at least once every two weeks. Cleaning the inside of the windows is just as important as cleaning the outside. The inside will quickly become dirty from the air and grimy fingers of any children eating there. The outside must look clean to attract more patrons.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities obviously need to give off a clean, well-maintained feeling. Patients can hardly be expected to feel comfortable in a hospital that doesn’t have clean windows. This is especially true of windows on the ground floor, patient rooms, and exam rooms.

Retail Stores

If your retail store gets a considerable amount of foot traffic, you should plan on having the windows cleaned at least monthly. Passing customers will look into your windows and if they are clean they will be much more enticed by the products in your store than if the windows aren’t clean. Retail stores are all about first impressions. Your customers can’t have a good first impression if the first thing they see is dirty windows.

Office Building

Typically, office buildings don’t need windows cleaned quite as often. These types of facilities should have a full cleaning (inside and out) about twice a year. The lobbies, however, should be cleaned monthly or every other month because of how important this area is to make an impression on visitors. Touch-ups on the inside may need to be done more often, depending on the type of business environment — an industrial facility with office space may need more frequent cleaning due to dust particles and debris in the air.

Never underestimate the importance of clean windows on your building. They can be the difference between a good first impression or a bad one, more revenue or less. For all your window washing needs, don’t hesitate to call the pros at Clearchoice Services in the Huntley area.