HomeBlogHow Pressure Washing Can Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Huntley Home

pressure washing huntley, professional pressure washing huntleyAre you trying to sell your home? Or do you just want your house to look a little cleaner and fresh? If the answer is yes to either of those questions, you will definitely want to hire a pressure washing company in Huntley such as Clearchoice Services. Curb appeal is one of the first things potential buyers notice when they are on the search for a new home. Even if the inside isn’t great, they will consider buying a home that looks well taken care of on the exterior. Here are some ways that you can use pressure washing to make your home look newer and fresher. 

Exterior Siding 

Did you know that you can pressure wash the entire exterior of your home? This may seem like a lot of work, but if pressure washing saves you from having the exterior painted, you will actually save quite a bit of money. Paint is not cheap, especially exterior paint that has been tested for weather and is more durable than the typical interior paint. If you have mildew or dirt coated on your exterior, whether it be wood, vinyl, or brick, you can pressure wash it right off. It is amazing how new your home will look if you just get all the dirt off of your exterior. The dirt and mildew accumulate over time and you may not notice it building up, but you will notice a big difference when it is cleaned off. 

Wooden Surfaces

You can also have pressure washing done on your wooden surfaces. Your pressure washing professional should use the low-pressure setting on the washer to make sure the finish doesn’t get stripped off of the wood. However, if you want to change the stain or refinish the wood, this may be a good time to strip it off. You can use your pressure washer on decks, patios, gazebos, or fences. You can even use a pressure washer on painted wooden surfaces, though you should definitely have the low-pressure nozzle on and you may need to test a small area first to make sure it doesn’t damage the area.

Cement And Paving

Pressure washing can do wonders for your sidewalks and driveways. Moss, dirt, and other debris can find their ways into the tiny divots in your pavement, and they have a much harder time finding their way out again. But with pressure washing, you can get rid of all of that junk and make your pavement look brand new. Any type of growth on your driveway or patio will age your home and make it look like you haven’t taken as great of care with it as you probably should have. Pressure washing can get rid of years of growth and dirt and return the curb appeal to your home in a heartbeat. 

Pressure washing is as necessary as updating the interior of your home and staging if you want to sell it. This service that Clearchoice Services provides is the difference between your home sitting on the market for months and getting sold in days.