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pressure washing woodstock, pressure washing services woodstockLiving in Woodstock, we’re no stranger to humidity. Humidity can contribute to the growth of mold and mildew, moss and algae which can cause structural damage and surface discoloration. Additional, dirt, soot and other airborne debris can accumulate on surfaces causing discoloration and rot. Pressure washing your property’s surfaces can blast away these nasty contaminants and prevent premature wear and restore curb appeal, saving you from costly repairs.

Preserve Your Property

The exterior surfaces of our homes, businesses and outdoor living spaces are constantly battered with sunlight, rain, pollution, etc. It’s easy for elements to get trapped behind or absorbed into the structures. With excess humidity and the right amount of warmth, it’s easy for mold, mildew, moss, and algae to grow. This growth and collection of other debris and pollutants can cause deterioration and discoloration of your property’s surfaces. From fences to pools to concrete, pressure washing can preserve and maintain your property from discoloration and rot. The cost of pressure washing is an affordable option in perspective to the cost of structural repair or replacement.

Property Value

A well-maintained home is much more than the interior updates. Curb appeal is a large determining factor when it comes to an individual making a decision of buying or renting a property. Pressure washing can keep your home looking pristine, as well as, ward off the containments that contribute to rot and discoloration. If you’re thinking of renting or selling your property, pressure washing the property’s surfaces can contribute to an increased value of 5 to 10 percent.

Surfaces Safe for Pressure Washing

Not all surfaces and materials are created and treated equally. That’s why you’ll want the consult and experience of a pressure washing technician to handle the work and get the job done right.

  • Decks can be pressure washed, but cleaning methods will vary based on the type and treatment of the wood or material.
  • Siding may be pressure washed depending on the material. Vinyl and fiber cement siding may hold up against the intense pressure, but aluminum siding can dent. The high blasts of water from pressure washing can cause moisture to get trapped behind siding which can lead to rot and deterioration. The ideal cleaning method for your home or businesses exterior surfaces is a soft pressure wash cleaning method.
  • Concrete Walkways / Driveways generally concrete surfaces can withstand the intensity and powerful cleaning of pressure washing with minimal etching or surface damage.

Keep in mind that pressure washing can cause damage to property, in such cases as vehicles and roofing. Pressure washing cars can cause indentation of the surface and the chipping of the paint. While blasting mold, algae and moss from roofs would seem to be quick and effective, this can result in surface damage and potential injury. Never use a pressure washer when standing on a ladder; the angle of the hose and the intensity of the blast could cause one to lose balance and fall. Pressure washing shingles can cause the shingles to dislodge from the structure and cause granules to fall off, which may result in a shortened lifespan of your roof.

For the best pressure washing services, contact Clearchoice Services in Woodstock. Our professionals can help clean up and maintain the beauty and integrity of your property.