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washing house crystal lake, professional house washing crystal lakeCrystal Lake, Illinois is a picture-perfect city with beautiful homes. Most people are excited when they move into a new home. It is a fresh start in a clean environment. But, no matter how your home looks when you first move in, it will go through wear and tear and get dirty over time. Cleaning your home from inside-out can be time-consuming, exhausting, and overwhelming. Before you put in all that time and effort, think about the benefits of using a professional cleaning company. ClearChoice Services offers multiple options of cleaning services including pressure washing, roof cleaning, soft washing, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning. Spend your time doing the things you love with the people you love, and leave the cleaning to the professionals.

Soft-washing is a form of outer home washing that is lower-pressure to provide an alternative to power-washing. Stains form on your home due to bacteria, fungi, algae, and moss. These stains can form on your roof, siding, fencing, or somewhere else. Soft-washing is a good option if you don’t want to risk damaging your shingles, siding, or other sensitive parts of your home. Buildups of moisture provide a catalyst for staining bacteria and algae to grow. The cleaning solution used will dissolve grime in an environmentally friendly and safe way.

Power-washing is similar to soft-washing but is used on items that can take a more powerful wash. Some good pressure washing examples might be cleaning sidewalks, concrete, stone, bricks, stronger building exteriors, walls, and fleet vehicles. This could be in your backyard or target more commercial property. Power-washing effectively gives exteriors a fresh, clean look. It keeps them looking as new and professional as possible. Over time dirt, grime, organic growth, and mineral deposits will buildup. Professionals will provide excellent cleaning results, and work to develop a cleaning schedule based on your cleanliness goals.

Windows and glass seem to always be dirty. Even when you wash them, you’re often left with streaks and drip stains. Take out the hassle and possible danger of cleaning your own windows, and call in professional help. Professionals will leave your windows sparkling and clean! Because glass is porous, it can gather debris in its microscopic holes. Hard water, corrosion, and scratches can also damage your windows and leave them looking dirty. The more often you get your windows clean, the less damage they’ll accumulate over time.

Water should not collect on your roof or near your house, which is why gutters serve an important role. The gutter cannot direct water away from your house if they are blocked with buildup. Buildup may be leaves, sticks, nests, seeds, or other debris. A lot of plants are shedding in the fall to prepare for winter. The debris from these plants may end up in your gutters, and freeze over winter with a mixture of water, causing a kind of dam. Damming water in a gutter could lead to flooding near the home or lead to mold and mildew. Professionals will thoroughly clean out your gutters so they can properly do their job. While you’re thinking of gutters, be sure to get your roof cleaned as well. Professional roof cleaning is safe enough to protect the integrity of your shingles while removing stains, debris, and fungal growth. After cleaning, your roof will be left in pristine condition for up to 3 years