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It’s a beautiful spring morning in Huntley. You wake to the sound of birds singing and feel the warmth of the sun on your face as you climb out of bed. You excitedly shuffle towards the sliver of light peaking behind the curtains, ready to welcome in the new day. As you pull back the curtains expecting to see a beautiful sunrise, you’re only greeted by a filthy window. This can be a dampener on anyone’s day. Not to mention a potential threat to your overall health, as dirty windows contain allergens and can create a dangerous atmosphere where mold can thrive.

You may try to come up with various solutions on your own – grabbing a bottle of glass cleaner and using yesterday’s paper to aggressively wipe away the filth. There may be some noticeable results, but washing windows can be exhausting and dangerous. Climbing ladders, hanging over ledges and overstretching yourself is not an ideal situation to be in. Not only that, but a newspaper doused in cleaning solution may be enough to clean the surface, but it’s not sufficient enough to remove the cloudy film of dirt and debris.

window cleaning huntley

There’s a deeper problem.

Glass is a porous material with microscopic holes. Over time dirt, pollen and other forms of debris get caked inside those holes which causes the dull, smoggy look that is often associated with dirty windows. Another factor to consider is with the coming summer months, windows will be more prone to hard water damage and stains from sprinklers and rainwater.  Leaving these problems unresolved can cause permanent damage to your windows.

No one wants that.

That is why you need hired professionals from Clearchoice Services to do the job for you! We have the right methods and tools to give your windows the thorough cleaning it needs and tackle those “deeper” problems. By doing so will prevent irreparable damage to your windows, ensuring a well-presented home on the outside and a clear view of the world from the inside.

In addition to offering residential services, we also offer commercial window cleaning services. The value of curb appeal is immense in the business world. Clean windows reflect professionalism and create a good atmosphere for consumers, employees and anyone who steps inside the building. A good atmosphere results in happier customers, which increases sales and the overall success of your business. Furthermore, windows help conserve energy, profiting any business that wants to expand and grow.

In addition to residential and commercial window cleaning services, we offer gutter cleaning, softwash house washing, roof cleaning, residential and commercial pressure washing and home watch services.

We care about your windows. We care about your overall well-being. We care about your business.

After we give your windows the love and care they need, you’ll be able pull back the curtains and greet the beautiful sunrise to welcome in the day!