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window cleaning huntley, professional window cleaning huntleyIf you didn’t brush your teeth for an entire year, at the end of it, they would be more than just dirty and gross; your teeth would be damaged. Cavities, plaque, tartar would all add up, and you’d be left with issues that would be expensive and painful to fix.

To the surprise of many Huntley homeowners, it’s the same with glass. While glass may look like a smooth, impenetrable surface, it’s actually porous in nature. Leaving it dirty and unattended is more than just an eyesore, it poses a threat to the structural integrity of your glass. Over time, the glass will absorb dirt and hard minerals and is at risk from other factors like acid rain or oxidation from nearby metal. The result is weakened, fragile glass or glass that’s transparency has been permanently affected. Regularly having your windows washed by a professional window cleaning company like Clearchoice prevents all these potential problems from taking effect, saving you money in the long run.

But the potential loss of money doesn’t end at the weakened glass. When your glass is dirty, it reflects light rather than allowing it to pass through. While that may seem obvious, the result may not. That subtle decrease in light makes it so that less heat enters your house, which can increase the price of your winter heat bills.

There’s also the more commonly thought about the reason for having your windows professionally cleaned, and that’s the overall look of your home. Besides your own pride in having a clean, well-cared-for house, any visitors you have in your home will see your windows. If you own a business, this is doubly important: perhaps your long-time friends won’t bat an eye at a streaky or dirty window, but customers will often judge a business based on its outward appearance, whether the judgment is subconscious or otherwise. If you’re thinking about selling your home, clean properties fetch higher prices than dirty ones, because they indicate that the house has been well kept up.

You may ask whether securing a professional company to clean your home’s windows is actually necessary, and the answer is yes. For many homeowners, cleaning your own building’s windows presents a hazard to one’s safety. Professional companies are equipped to deal with high windows or windows in hard to reach places. In addition, cleaning one’s windows sometimes calls for high-tech tools, like pressure washing, that homeowners would not have access to on their own. Lastly, going with a professional company yields professional results and is the best option for maintaining your window’s strength and integrity as well as their aesthetic appeal.

Now that the worth of having your windows professionally cleaned has been established, let’s go over the basic questions many homeowners may have. First and foremost is usually how often they should be cleaned. Unfortunately, there is no universal answer, because it all depends on your surroundings. Those in areas with frequent rain or heavy pollution will need to clean their windows more often than someone else living in a dry rural area. If you’re new to your home, observe how often those on your street clean their windows or observe your windows themselves to see how quickly they collect dirt and water stains. Call a local, professional cleaning company and see if they will recommend a cleaning schedule for your area; many will be happy to assist you in your efforts to preserve the structural integrity of your windows and the overall look of your home, as well as give you a free quote for the pricing of their services.