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We offer professional concrete cleaning services that will help preserve your concrete surfaces’ longevity and look.

Concrete Cleaning in Woodstock, IllinoisConcrete is used in various building and structural projects, largely thanks to its impressive durability and longevity. However, just because concrete was designed to last doesn’t mean you can simply forget about it once it’s in place. Regular concrete cleaning services will help keep it in good condition and ensure that it looks inviting and attractive. At ClearChoice Services Inc., we offer professional concrete cleaning services that will help preserve your concrete surfaces’ longevity and look. Our team is proud to offer two options for concrete cleaning: pressure washing and soft washing.

Most people are familiar with pressure washing, and it’s long been the go-to method for a wide range of exterior surfaces, including concrete. Pressure washing is considered particularly effective at removing grease and oil stains, both of which are common issues with concrete. However, pressure washing requires a great deal of force, which is why many people are turning to soft washing instead.

Soft washing uses powerful detergents to do the heavy work of lifting stains and grime, requiring only a gentle stream of water to rinse everything away once the cleaners have done their job. It’s especially good for concrete cleaning in areas where microorganisms like mold, algae, moss, mildew, and bacteria are a problem since the detergents kill these contaminants off and help slow their regrowth. Soft washing is effective enough to tackle tough stains but gentle enough to be used on concrete that has flaws like cracks or chips that might be exacerbated by pressure washing.

When our team arrives to perform a concrete cleaning service, they will assess the area to be cleaned and make a decision about which option would be best. You can rest assured that our technicians have received ample training that allows them to accurately choose the option that will provide you with the best results.

We proudly serve customers throughout Woodstock, Illinois. If you have questions about our concrete cleaning methods or are interested in scheduling an appointment with our team, simply contact our office to get started.

At ClearChoice Services Inc., we proudly offer concrete cleaning services to customers located in Woodstock, Cary, Algonquin, Lakewood, Lake in the Hills, McHenry, Marengo, Huntley, and Crystal Lake, Illinois, as well as Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.